Contact & communications tips for online dating

Online dating websites are frequently targeted by scammers. Once your money finds its way into a scammers pocket the chances of getting it back are slim.

Unfortunately scammers cast a negative shadow over Online Dating websites as well as the Internet in general, however, by exercising a little caution you can dramatically reduce the chances of being caught out, making your online experiences less stressful and more enjoyable.


The following list has been devised to help you when using Adult Match Makerr:

  • Where possible keep your communication with other members within the site.
  • Take the time to develop trust for people you meet on the site before handing your contact details out.
  • Never give your credit card details or bank details to other members
  • If you SMS or call someone, pay attention to that person's number.
  • Keep up-to-date with discovered scam attempts on the site.


Below are lists of scams that have surfaced on Adult Match Maker:

Premium SMS scam

This type of scam is easily recognised by observing the number from which the SMS message was sent. As rule of thumb, numbers beginning with '19' usually belong to a service rather that an individual.

Scammers first ask you for your mobile number. They will then send you an SMS message with contents similar to:

'Jenny/Kathy/Mark... from Adult Match Maker wants 2 talk on safe-divert reply YES to be connected, and maybe meet.'

The message is purposely written in leading you to think that it is a feature of Adult Match Maker's website and is usually sent from a number beginning with '19'. However, by replying ‘YES’ to this message you are in actual fact subscribing to whatever Premium SMS service it is offering. In result your mobile phone will be billed in the vicinity of two to six dollars for each subsequent SMS message it sends you.

1902, 1300 numbers and 197 mobile numbers

1902 and 1300 landline numbers and 197 mobile numbers are charged at special rates which are generally more expensive than everyday local and mobile phone calls.

Scammers entice members to contact them on these numbers so that they can profit on the call charges.

Money Scams

Money Scams are as a simple as the scammer asking you to transfer money for whatever reason.

Report Scammers

Adult Match Maker endorses a no tolerance policy when it comes to scammers. Users who are identified as scammers will be instantly banned and reported to authorities.

If you feel that you have become the victim of a scam or scam attempt please report it to Adult Match Maker support.

Where appropriate, we also recommend that you report details of the scam to the following parties:

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