• ordinary woman
    A True Story by funtimes07
    this happened one afternoon when i met alice my ex g/f,s old workmate who was a respectable married mid 50,s skinny woman who dressed very coservativly and that day she had on a long pleated skirt and big coat and scarf but she looked atractive as she had her hair in a shoulder length bopped style and
  • Carpark fun
    A True Story by colpan
    Carpark fun I agreed we'd go out the next night for a scout about to see if we could find somewhere I'd be happy with. The next night we drive around for about 4 hours looking for somewhere and finally we found a really dark and quiet car park off a forest road. Colin begged me to let him have me
  • Dream cum true
    A Fantasy by colpan
    Hi, I’m Steve and my wife’s name is Claire. We live in a village ten miles out of town; it has only a small shop and a pub but has a few cottages and one or two houses. It’s Friday night and the lads usual night out. How wrong could I have been? There was nothing 'usual' about it. Pete and Bob, who
  • Beach Love
    A True Story by ReadyForSex1979
    I had been working in Spain for a few months and had got to know Sandra, a colleague, and her husband quite well over that time, both in and out of work. She was in her mid-40's and had a smouldering sexuality about her - she had a gorgeous body on her, her hair and make-up were always immaculate and
  • this happend in OZ from a friend
    A True Story by colpan
    I peeked down Rachel's top as she bent over in front of me once again. I was allowed after all, being married to her. She had on a conservative two piece swimsuit, but the top was loose enough over her cleavage to provide and excellent view whenever she bent over. Something that was happening often as