Beach Love

I had been working in Spain for a few months and had got to know Sandra, a colleague, and her husband quite well over that time, both in and out of work. She was in her mid-40's and had a smouldering sexuality about her - she had a gorgeous body on her, her hair and make-up were always immaculate and she always wore these really sexy outfits that instead of making her look like mutton dressed as lamb, they really accentuated her sexuality. We would flirt at work, perfectly innocently, as she was married and, as I said, I was friends with her husband.

One week, her husband had to travel to Madrid with work, leaving Sandra all alone in her apartment. On the Saturday, I was out on the town with a group of friends and I saw Sandra with a group of her girlfriends. I approached her and we spent the evening talking and laughing like we were old friends. One thing led to another and we went back to her apartment and made love. She was incredible and from then on, we had sex as often as we could. She was really open with me about sex - something she could never be with her husband, though a nice guy and treated her well, was very reserved in bed. We opended up a lot of very sexual doors for each other.

We discovered a nudist beach further along the coast and started to visit. On our second visit in the height of summer, we met with several other couples from across Europe at this beach. We were very open with them and told them she was married to another man and we were having a sexual affair and this didn't seem to bother any of them. This hot, balmy Mediterranean afternoon was going well. We were together with this group, drinking wine, talking, laughing. We were naked and felt so liberated, free of tip-toeing around others to hide our affair. I was proud to be with Sandra. She had short dark hair with blond highlights through it, a sexy, curvy body, beautiful 36D breasts, capped with gorgeous big nipples that were so sensitive and soft. I loved to kiss and suck them. Between her legs was a perfect triangular bush of soft, thick pubic hair that looked so feminine and womanly.

The talk started getting onto the subject of sex. Someone asked Sandra what her favourite sexual fantasy would be. She replied that she would love to have sex on a beach. One of the women, a Dane called Elke then said "why don't you? It's secluded here, go for it". Suddenly, the group of couples formed a discreet ring around us. Sandra and I stood up and looked and laughed at each other coyly. We started to kiss, quickly at first before becoming deeper. I started to work my lips down her body to her chest where I started to kiss her tits. Her hand moved to my cock and balls, which sprang to life so quickly and was very hard in moments. I pushed Sandra onto a towel on the sand where she opened her legs and showed off her cunt. I was standing at this point with my erect penis for all to see. Elke shouted "you've got a nice cock!". "Hands off, it's mine!" replied Sandra, laughing. I knelt between her open thighs before lying on top of her. She took hold of my penis and guided it into her vagina. We started fucking, slowly at first before picking up speed. I thought I would be bothered by the half dozen or so couples watching us, but I didn't notice them and it felt like Sandra and I were the only people in the world. We had never had unprotected sex before - we always used condoms in case Sandra got pregnant - but in this setting, it felt so natural, so right. The group of couples surrounding us stood in silence, watching us fuck. Soon, my glans started to tickle, but I pushed in regardless. The feeling was starting to become too much for me. My cock twitched, Sandra pulled me into her and I ejaculated hot, thick spunk into Sandra's womb. We collapsed into each other, kissing and carressing. The group started to applaud, but we couldn't hear them. We were so entwinded in ourselves.

After I moment, I withdrew from Sandra. We both stood up. My semen was starting to run down her inner thigh. "That was fantastic", applauded Elke. "The horniest thing I've ever seen!". We smiled and laughed before kissing and we made our way to the water to clean ourselves up before someone saw us.

About 6 weeks later, Sandra announced she was pregnant and it happended around the time of our love-making on the nudist beach. "Shit!", I thought. "It could be mine". Sandra couldn't be sure either, though she obviously wouldn't let on to her husband. We still carried on our affair, late into her pregnancy. Indeed, about 10 days before she gave birth, we visited that nudist beach again. Elke and her husband Lars were holidaying there again, and we met up with them. Sandra told them the baby was mine and it was conceived on that beach that balmy afternoon. I still felt proud of Sandra and being with her, especially being pregnant and everyone thinking I had fathered the baby. She had a son and I arranged a discreet DNA test, without her husband's knowledge, in England. The baby wasn't mine after all. I felt a tinge of relief, but in a way a tinge of sadness that a baby wasn't conceived in such love and passion as was felt that afternoon on the nudist beach.

I left Spain a few months later to move back to the UK, but I still think of Sandra. She must be 50 now, but I would love one more night with her.

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