Dream cum true

Hi, I’m Steve and my wife’s name is Claire. We live in a village ten miles out of town; it has only a small shop and a pub but has a few cottages and one or two houses. It’s Friday night and the lads usual night out. How wrong could I have been? There was nothing 'usual' about it.
Pete and Bob, who I met about three years ago when our individual companies sent us on a ‘team building event,’ had come over for a drink at my local. It was Pete’s turn to drive; we visit each other’s local every three weeks. He parked on the drive and piped for me as the tiny pub car park is always full.
We are just about to disappear when Claire is at the door shouting to Pete, asking if he brought any movies“There’s four in the car. I think the ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ is the best.”

With that we disappear down the road, looking forward to a few drinks and a look at the girls from town. Pete talks the whole night through, either about the women, or football. He is very fit, good looking and the women love him. He’s that kind of successful guy that everybody wants to be with.
Bob is just a quiet, dependable guy whom you can always rely on. They are the same age, but I am a bit older. We are all quite different and the only thing we have in common is football and a good night out.
As usual on the way home, Pete is on about the women. “Did you see that one with a tight jumper and that girl, wow! She had legs up to her armpits.” His enthusiasm just broke us up laughing. We were passing his car on the drive when he exclaims, “Shit!”
“Do you remember the porn video you gave me back last week? The one with the two guys and a young girl, I think I left it in the car!”

I remembered it well as it has always been one of my fantasies with Claire.
We all are looking at each other, walking through the door and wondering if there is going to be trouble, but no, Claire, as usual, is in her dressing gown in the kitchen making coffee. She always insists they have one before driving back to town.
Pete is having a sneaky look through the videos she borrowed from his car. He nods a ‘yes’ to me as Claire comes through the door. I am in my favourite armchair, Bob in the apposite one and Pete is sprawled out on the settee. She has to push him to one side to sit down.
I am absolutely astounded, is it my imagination or did she let him see all her breasts as she sat down - and another thing, she is unusually wearing lipstick.
Pete downs his coffee and walks over to the TV to pick up his DVDs and holds up the one entitled ‘Double Bang.’

“Did you watch this?” His commanding voice even takes me by surprise. I know he fancies her, sometimes he talks about her in the pub. It makes me feel good because he can pull most girls, but perhaps not as young as Claire. We've been married five years now and her slender frame with long legs and heavy breasts still attracts me enormously.
He repeats the question, immediately. Claire colours up and starts to protest but Pete demands again and a rather weak “Yes” is heard.
It's Pete who takes the initiative and puts it in the player. ”Lets all watch it together.”
Not a word from Bob in the chair opposite me while Pete sits next to Claire on the settee. Claire is watching the young girl and the two men getting started, when Bob joins them on the settee, murmuring something about having a front seat. It's obvious that he has a huge erection and I'm not certain if he's hoping, or just the video.
Peter puts his hand gently under Claire’s chin to turn her head and face him. "You know what is going to happen to you now?” Claire makes a muffled reply but Pete's not having that and insists again, “So we all can hear.” Yes! I know.”
I'm beginning to realize where he's going with all this. I immediately get a rock hard erection as my imagination runs riot. Is my dream going to come true? Claire's breathing has increased and even with the thick robe one can see her breasts rising and falling. Her robe has fallen away after crossing her legs, giving us all a good view of long, suntanned legs.
Pete leans toward her playfully and nestles his head on her shoulder. With one finger lifts her robe to see her breast. She giggles and asks him what he's doing.
“Looking at your beautiful breast,” he announces.
She does not answer and when he pushes it completely off one shoulder, revealing one of her breasts to use all, he whistles, and takes her stiff nipple between finger and thumb.
She shudders with pleasure and I know then she will find it hard to say no. She's aroused. Pete looks across at me for assurance and I just smile, trying to conceal my excitement. Bob on the other side is not long to follow him, taking her other breast, as they both get busy squeezing and hardening her already stiff nipples.
I'm rock solid, wondering how far this is going to go. At least we're at ease with each other, having shared showers after football. Claire is letting out little murmurs of what can only be conceived as encouragement.

It's not long before the robe is completely pushed off her shoulders, revealing her wonderful breasts with huge erect nipples. They push her against the back of the settee. It's not surprising that all the three of us are sporting erections. I decide to free myself just as they both take her breasts into their mouths. Her deep throated moans, open red lips and glazed eyes are getting too much for me as she cradles their heads against her breasts. One can see she's in complete ecstasy and whatever is going to happen, will.
A little screech from the video makes her look up, just as the young girl is being entered from behind, but all these hands inside her robe distract her from the video, which nobody is really interested in now. Hands pull her heels up onto the edge of the seat while others spread her knees apart.
I am dumbfounded that she's allowing them to display her, I can see her glistening and it's starting to run down her leg as she reveals herself like no other time. I had no idea that she could be like this and makes me think I should have been more adventurous.
They take it in turns using one finger, then many more, bringing noises of how wet she is, and deep moans from her parted lips. Pete is now kneeling before her and has taken her whole pussy in his mouth, and Bob is cruelly biting her erect nipples. As she looks over to me with a quizzical glance, I see her legs start to tremble. I know she is going to come, her eyes completely glazed over, legs shaking, she looks towards me again and shouts apologetically, “I’m going to come!”

Her whole body shakes violently, the orgasm taking over completely. When it subsides she opens her eyes just in time to see my violent eruption, spurt after spurt.
Pete resumes his seat at the side of her and says, “Now its our turn,” as he places her hand on his very hard erection. Bob is not slow to follow, but she has difficulty easing his long erection out.

She's like a little girl with new toys, playing and stroking them. I am fascinated with their differences in their erect state, totally unlike mine. Bob’s is very long and slim, Pete’s on the other hand is not big but with a colossal girth. They are both wet on the ends already.
She's moving them up and down when she looks over to me again and laughingly says, “I have never rubbed two at the same time.”
But Pete’s need is now urgent. He roughly grabs her hair and pulls her head down, so she has to take him in her mouth. He's so wide her lips are stretched. She surprises me yet again being so vigorous with her mouth that he has to pull her off; it's obviously too nice.
As Pete starts to strip, she bends over Bob to take him in. His pleasurable groan is so loud that I suspect it's the first time for him. Again she is energetic and he has to tell her to stop, he obviously wants other things. We are all stripped off now and Pete lifts her from the settee onto the rug. Laying on her back, I am near her head with Bob, and when Pete lifts and bends her legs up over her head we take hold of one each. She blows a kiss at my erection which is near her face.

With her restrained position Pete can see he can have anything now. He burrows his head between her legs which renews her little pleasurable moans. Her mouth drops open again and I have never seen her looking so sexually abandoned before. Her legs are starting to tremble yet again. His saliva is all over, I realise why, it's running down over what I can only call ‘her forbidden hole’ where I have never been and he definitely is intent on that.
He tentatively forces one finger in, but she can only wince as Bob and I are still holding her legs, preventing any movement. I am sure that this is going to be the first for her and she is obviously reluctant. He forces two fingers in, trying to stretch her wider which he certainly needs.
At last his fingers start to move smoothly and I can feel all the tension disappear from her leg that I am holding. Pete and Bob seem to be in wordless communication and I wonder if they have done this together previously.
Pete nods to Bob who lays down on the rug. Claire straddles him and in a sitting position feeds him in, just as though she does every day of the week. She's so wet he is straight in and he groans with pleasure as she moves up him down. He's trying to grab her bouncing breasts, but Pete is on a mission and pushes her down flat down on Bob, presenting him with her tight bottom.

I watch excitedly as Pete positions himself above her. I can hardly contain my excitement knowing that he is going to do exactly what the two men had done to the young girl on the video.
His attempted entry takes her by surprise. She screams, he tries again but fails. Pete nods to Bob again who pulls out to give him more room, as Pete balances on one hand putting the other hand to his mouth. This time he squeezes it in to another scream, slowly but surely sinks in, gradually going deeper and deeper. It's not until Pete is fully in that I get a shock; she blatantly grabs Bob's long cock and feeds him in again. She obviously cannot wait.
Pete, resting on his arms, says to her, “Am I hurting you?”vI can barely hear her reply, “Not now, it's wonderful.”
They are all still for a moment, her head is turned to one side, her mouth open, emanating such wonderful noises that I think this is the most sensual thing I have ever seen in my life. I stretch down from the chair to soothe her face and stroke her hair, knowing they will get rough.
Bob starts again penetrating deep and Pete is stretching her little hole to the limit. She is kind of sobbing now and I am not sure. They take it in turns to plunge in and out, her sobs turn into very guttural gasping sounds as she is starting to cum. Pete and Bob are also gasping now and Bob is thrusting up even more enthusiastically when he speaks for the first time, looking at Pete. “I can feel you inside.”
Now it is getting very physical and all three are just seeking out their own satisfaction. They do not care. Pete is on his way and shouts to Bob, “Are you ready?” as they powered into her together, making her sob and shout with raw animal passion. She looks beautiful, making me cum as I see them jerking and emptying themselves into her with all kinds of loud expletives. Her legs are shaking, having an orgasm like I have never seen her have before.
Finally they are still, Pete’s weight completely on her. As they stand up, he helps her to her feet. She is totally exhausted and the semen is running down her legs, a beautiful rag doll.

Pete holds her up for a while until she is steady. He kisses her on the cheek and whispers some endearment in her ear. Then it's another loud “Shit” from Pete, looking at his watch. We wave them off and as he drives past with a big smile he shouts to Claire, “I will have a different video in three weeks.”
We lock the door and she grabs my hand, pulling me upstairs to revel in how she feels and what I think. As far as I'm concerned, I have a new women.
She wants to shower.
I say, "No! . . . not yet."

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