ordinary woman

this happened one afternoon when i met alice my ex g/f,s old workmate who was a respectable married mid 50,s skinny woman who dressed very coservativly and that day she had on a long pleated skirt and big coat and scarf but she looked atractive as she had her hair in a shoulder length bopped style and nice makeup
i said to alice it was nearly 2 years since we last met and this was because my ex accused us one evening after getting drunk of fucking each other
i told alice as i walked over to the lengerie dept how that day my ex said to me she had asked alice if she would fuck me and she said she would and as i picked up sexy all in one saying nice asking alice what she thought was a sexy outfit
alice picked up a lacy camy set saying nice and sexy as i said to her how she would look great in it and would she model it for me to see if i liked it she laughed and said ok as she went to the changeing rooms as i waited she said ok thats me
when i looked in and saw alice wearing the white lacy camy set showing her pussy hair clearly and her pointy nipples as i said she looked sexy as she blushed saying she new i was saying that to be polite no i told her telling her i could imagine kissing her lips and neck down her body to her thighs and as i open your legs and kiss your clit alice laughed saying to stop it as she was liking it as our eyes met i kissed her and she enjoyed it i asked her to come for a few drinks and she agreed as she got ready i bought the camy set and put it away at the bottom of a bag
we went to a little no frills pub as alice had a few drinks and got more relaxed as i said to her how lucky her man was as she was still so sexy looking and how he must fuck her regularly alice said he did not have any sexual desires anymore and she was married to her rabbit as she laughed in a joking way i said to her can i be your rabbit
she smiled as i got her a drink and sat next to her as she said she had to go after that drink ok i said as i kissed her saying she kissed great and did she like kissing
alice said she loved it and as we walked to my car i said to her pulling out the cammy set saying you looked sexy as fuck in it so here as she looked in the bag she smiled saying thanks its lovly as we drove out of town she said she needed the loo so i got to mine and as she went to the loo she was rather long and i asked if she was ok as the door opened and alice walked out wearing the cammy set i kissed her as i pushed her against the wall my hands stroking her body all over as she stopped saying she was not going any further than kissing as itook her hand leading her into the sitting room as we sat on the sofa i told her how i imagined her body and her lovly legs that i wanted to kiss up to her clit then lick and tounge her hole as i stroked her legs up to her crotch as she slowly opened her legs as i put my hand up her knickers saying to her as i stroked her hairy pussy how she turned me on so much and how i imagined she was very dirty in bed and told her i wanted to slide my 8inch cock in her but i will respect her wishes alice said that i was a very big boy
as we kissed i pressed against her cunt with my hard cock as i stroked her thighs as she opened her legs i put my hand into her knickers and started to rub her wet cunt as she groand girating her hips saying to me please stop fingering her cunt as her juices flowed she opened her legs and moved her hips up and down i then got my cock out and lay on her sliding up her as she moaned saying oh yes as i fucked her she trembled as she climaxed we fucked for a few hrs then i drove her home

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