Carpark fun

Carpark fun
I agreed we'd go out the next night for a scout about to see if we could find somewhere I'd be happy with.

The next night we drive around for about 4 hours looking for somewhere and finally we found a really dark and quiet car park off a forest road. Colin begged me to let him have me then but I was adamant I wasn't going to do anything I wasn't ready to do. But I promised him now I knew where I'd psyche myself up and we'd go back in a couple of days to have sex.

The night to go out came and Col insisted I wore a short skirt and a low top, no bra and no knickers.

We drove out to the car park and I have to admit, running around there naked and being fucked on the bonnet of the car really did it for me. I felt really free and totally liberated. I screamed my head off and listened to my voice echo around the nearby forest. We spent 3 hours there fucking and sucking each other and I loved every minute of it.

The weather started to grow warmer as spring went away and summer came. The nights got warmer and warmer so we were going to our little secret car park earlier and earlier. Sometimes we'd take a picnic or we'd have BBQ gear and food so we could eat. There was something very liberating about cooking food outside in the nude and making love whenever we felt like it.

One evening we arrived at our car park and found another couple there doing what we usually did. A blonde was standing and bending over the bonnet of the car while this guy was fucking her from behind. As soon as they spotted us, they stopped what they were doing and made a hasty retreat into their car.

The problem was, we were in the way of them getting out because the entrance/exit was about a cars width with very little room to spare. Steve just sat looking as their car started then he got out of the car and walked over to them. I hadn't a clue what was going at this point so I decided to sit tight and see what happened. I was looking forward to a good hard fuck but this little surprise had cooled me off.

col came back to our car and got in. I noticed the other car had backed into where it was parked and the blonde and the guy were getting out. col started the car and parked along side of their car so we could see what they were doing and they could see us.

"col, what's going on?" I asked looking at him

He didn't take his eyes off the blonde who was resuming her position over the bonnet, only this time it was the wing and bonnet of our car at such an angle both col and I could see her boyfriends cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

"They're going to put on a show for us, then we're going to put on a show for them" col said glancing at me and smiling wryly.

"WHAT?????" I said at the top of my voice, "No fucking way!"

"Awww go on, all they're going to do it watch and they're not shy" col chuckled

"It's not about being shy I'm not a slut"

"I know" col said looking at me, "You won't be a slut, you'll be an exhibitionist" so there's a difference"

"Well at least you could have asked me before agreeing" That's what I was so pissed off about. Fucking in front of strangers was a turn on for me, to think I'm getting my hubby off and others at the same time appealed to me. I was starting to discover a side I knew nothing about before, a nasty side that wanted to show all she had to anyone who'd look.

I started to watch the other couple as they continued to fuck and the guys strokes started to get shorter and faster. Suddenly, they parted and the girl swung around, she opened her mouth and the guy oozed his cum into her waiting mouth and all over her lips and chin.

She had cum dripping off her chin, she carefully placed a finger on her chin, ran it up to her bottom lip and licked all the cum off. She smiled then winked at me. The guy smiled and looked at Steve and Steve was grinning like a cat who'd got the cream. I looked down and his cock was already out, he was slowly stroking it and pre cum was starting to pool at the tip of his cock.

I started to move towards him and suddenly felt very wet, so wet I thought I might have started my period early, but that wasn't the case. I'd got so wet I had soaked through my denim skirt onto the car set. My inner thighs were soaking wet through, this 'show' must have really turned me on.

I couldn't wait any longer, I plunged my mouth onto Steve's cock and took it all the way to the base. I sucked it hard, swallowing so my tongue rubbed against col's cock head which was almost down the back of my throat by this time.

He gasped and told me to slow down, but I was determined to have his cum in my mouth. I'd never really swallowed before, I didn't like to. It's not the taste I don't like, it's the consistency, it sort of dribbles down your throat like glutinous but runny porridge. I've never really changed this opinion, no matter who the guy, what the cock or whose spunk it might be, it's all got the same consistency in my experience.

But this time I wanted to swallow, I wanted that thick hot cum down the back of my throat.

col told me to slow down again and this time managed to extract my mouth from his cock. He said we were supposed to be putting on a show and got out of the car. He came around to my side, opened the door and lead me by the hand to the front of the car. He pushed me over the bonnet and spread my legs for me, hitching up my skirt over my arse, he fingered me then pushed his cock inside of me.

I remember feeling so tight that night, it was like being a virgin again. Although I was very very wet, Steve's cock pushing inside of me felt massive, I could feel the walls of my pussy stretching to accommodate him. Once his length was established, he started rocking back and forth slowly, running the full length of his cock in and out of my pussy.

On the in strokes, he thrust in hard and I could feel the head of his cock touching my cervix and rubbing its way past my G-spot. I came hard, so hard my legs turned to jelly and I almost collapsed in a heap if it wasn't for the fact col hadn't yet cum himself.

I felt his strokes start to speed up and get shorter, I knew he was near to cumming so I pushed back, managed to push him out of me, spun round dropping to my knees and finished him off with my mouth. When he came, he came with such force spunk was forced down my throat, as a natural reaction to stop me choking, I pushed my tongue to the back of my throat and forced his cum out of my mouth. It came out the sides and dripped down my face towards my chin, I took my hands and started to spread his creamy cum all over my face and his balls.

There was so much of it, his cock twitched and pumped out stream after stream of spunk emptying his balls into my waiting mouth. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he hadn't cum for a month. Finally his cock stopped twitching and the spunk stopped flowing.

col pulled his cock out of my mouth and I knelt there on my knees with spunk coming out of my mouth and dripping off my face onto my top and breasts.

The guy and the blonde got out of their car and gave us a round of applause for our efforts. Then they got back in their car and drove off.

I cleaned up and cleaned col up too, then we drove home in silence. I wasn't sure what had happened, but I knew it turned me on. We got home and had a shower together, I asked col if he enjoyed himself.

"Well of course I did, I thought it was great. You were great, the other couple were great, even I was great"

"Well, you were quiet ........... "

"karen, I know what you're like" He said looking into my eyes. "This is something we can enjoy together and we could push the limits, see how far we'll go. But, it doesn't mean we're going to split up or anything" He said with a momentary pause, he looked into my eyes and kissed me gently on the lips "Even if you did fuck another guy" he added cautiously.

"Another guy" I asked

"I'd love to show you off"

"Show me off?"

"Well yeah, you're a marvelous fuck, you give head beautifully and your sexual abilities are like having a Ferrari in a garage and never driving it. You know you have it, but nobody else does"

"You're weird" I said turning him around to scrub his back, "Why would I want another man?"

"Why not? You'll still have me and the best bit is, they get you for one night only whereas I get you for the rest of my life" He grinned.

It had been several days since I fucked and sucked my husband in a car park in front of another couple. The feelings of that night were still with me, I felt like a dirty slut and loved it.

We decided to go back to the car park a couple of weeks later on the same night. You never know someone might be there, perhaps the same couple?

We'd decided to go for it, I was going to push the limits and see just how far I was willing to go. I was working for a health authority at the time so I managed to 'secure' some condoms just in case by casually nipping into the family planning department and grabbing a couple of hands full. I got a funny look from someone and said I'd just come off the pill but we didn't want children at that point. This 'excuse' seemed to be readily accepted.

Next I bought myself some nice underwear, all in black, some with red trimmings and set aside a short skirt and low cut top for our evening out. I was ready to go out there and fuck anyone who came along.

During the few days run to the evening in question I was a nervous wreck, I had feelings of excitement and panic, I wasn't at all sure what was going to happen and that uncertainty made it all the more exciting and frightening.

The evening came and I started to get ready. I showered, then I shaved my arm pits and my pussy, I got col to shave my ass for me since I couldn't see what the hell I was doing back there. He suggested waxing it all, I told him "You first" but he wasn't having any of that.

I went into the bedroom and dried myself. I moisturised my whole body with a body lotion, dried my hair and put on my makeup. I'd chosen this rather short and very low cut dress at the last minute. It was black with a bodice type middle, it was just short enough so when I walked it showed the bottom bits of my arse but long enough to keep me decent, so long as there wasn't a gust of wind. The top was made up of wide lace up V cut front with a very low back and small fluffed up shoulder straps that allowed me to wear the dress either on or off the shoulder.

Next I put on my suspender belt and my stockings, a pair of lacey black spilt crotch knickers with red trim, and a matching black peep hole bra. I put on my dress lacing my boobs into the material so they resembled barmaid's cleavage.

I picked out a pair of high stiletto heeled knee high boots with a 4" heel and pulled them on. By this time my pussy was throbbing with the anticipation of what might be to come. At best I'd be having sex with that other couple, if they were there, at worst I'd be fucked senseless by Steve so I was on a winner no matter what.

I wore a long leather coat that went below my knees on the drive to the car park. My heart was pounding its way through my chest and I felt totally wired. Steve had procured something to smoke from a friend of his and handed me a 'cigarette'

Normally I wasn't a smoker, but in this instance I made an exception because I'd done it before many years ago and so I knew it would clam me down. In the state I was in, one touch of my clit and I would have cum.

As we rounded the corner my heart sank, there weren't any cars there, we would be alone. But still I had Steve to rely on and he'd brought a few of my toys with him so we could amuse ourselves. We spent the next couple of hours shooting video and taking photographs of me in different poses and using my toys.

We were about to leave when we heard the dull hum of an engine and the crunch of a cars wheels rolling across the dirt track to the car park. We watched as slowly not 1 but 2 cars came into the car park and pulled along side of our car.

Luckily since we were about to leave, most of our gear was in the boot, although I wasn't wearing my long coat to cover myself up and it wasn't to hand. We got back into our car and just sat for a while. The other cars started to move and rock so it was pretty obvious what the other occupants in the car were up to.

I reached over and started to get col’s cock out, he looked at me then smiled, (I'm not sure I can again" he said

"That doesn't matter, I just love sucking you off anyway" I said as I plunged my mouth onto his dick and began to suck for all I was worth.

After a few minutes col tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up, the other couples from the cars had got out and surrounded our car, they were looking in and talking to each other, as well as laughing and smiling. Then I noticed something odd, there were 2 couples and another 4 males, another car had pulled into the car park and parked over the other side while I was busy with col.

They all seemed to be enjoying the show I was putting on so I put my head down and started deep throating col again. This audience seemed to be having an effect on him, I started to taste his pre cum as I sucked away on his cock.

col tapped me on the shoulder and suggested we got out so the others could get a better view. Like a shot I was out of the car, round the other side and on my knees in front of col sucking his cock for all I was worth. I felt his cock start to twitch and I knew he was close to cumming, suddenly he drew back his dick pulling it out of my mouth and started to work the tip. He came for a 3rd time that night all over my face in little short streams of watery cum.

I noticed some of the others had decided to join in, there were a couple of guys with the other females and the rest were crowded around col and myself. col tucked his dick back into his jeans and looked at the other guys who all had their dicks in their hands and were slowly stroking them.

col looked at me and suggested I gave them a hand to finish off. I didn't need asking twice, I went over to the first guy and looked up at him smiling. His dick wasn't huge but it was long, and it felt strange in my mouth. Normally I could get almost all of Steve's cock in my mouth, it wasn't so much the length that was a problem, but more the girth. This cock was easy to cope with, even sliding it down my throat wasn't a problem, it didn't make me gag like Steve sometimes did.

col went to the boot of the car and got out some condoms and KY jelly, he came over to me and whispered in my ear "Now I'm going to film you getting fucked and covered in cum. You're going to be a dirty little slut and you're going to love it"

I was being given a free hand to do as I pleased with these men and more importantly these cocks. By this time the other guys had all put on condoms and looked at me and I knew what was coming.

"Right!" I said getting up off my knees and giving the cock I was sucking a quick kiss, and stood up. I looked at one guy and saw his cock was only just big enough to fill the condom, I walked over to him and whispered in his ear "Would you like to fuck my ass?" and he nodded in acceptance. I took the KY from col and covered his condom covered dick with it. Then I squatted, inserted the neck of the KY into my ass hole and gave the tube a good hard squeeze putting plenty in there.

I told the guy who's cock I'd been sucking to come back to me as I leant over the cars wing and bonnet. He stood in front of the car and thrust his dick in my direction. I took it in my hands and guided it into my mouth, making slurping noises as he fucked my mouth.

I felt someone at my ass hole, first of all a finger poking in and out of my ass and working the KY all around the hole, then I felt a dick being slowly guided into my ass, little by little it filled my tiny little ass hole. col and I had had anal sex in the past, and it was always a bit painful to start, until he got established then I relaxed and got into it. But this little dick slid into my ass hole like it was my pussy, I think it was a combination of the size and the amount of KY I'd used up there.

Slowly he started to pump my ass hole and I felt his fingers drop to my pussy and slid into my hole. I was being face fucked, finger fucked and ass fucked all at the same time. After a few minutes of this fucking col suggested I sit on a guys dick while I was being ass fucked and face fucked so all my holes were filled with cock.
We tried on the ground but it didn't work. Nobody could get the right amount of traction or the right angles. We tried again across the bonnet of the car, but we kept slipping off. So we walked down a path to a bird watching area with seats and managed on that.

I slowly guided the first guys dick into my pussy and started to grind into him as I got him established. Then came my little friend from behind who slid back into my ass hole while the 3rd guy came back around and started fucking my face. Col was on the video camera all the time, he got shots of everything, my ass and pussy filled with cock, my mouth filled with cock and I ever managed to stroke another cock that came too close.

So there I was, laid on top of a stranger with another stranger fucking my ass, another fucking my face and throat and yet another cock being wanked off. I was really into this, my pussy and clit was throbbing so much I thought I'd never cum, but I did and when I did I felt the orgasm rage through my body making it shake and shudder. I had to take the cock out of my mouth and scream with pleasure as I came.

"Money shot time" col said as he changed the battery on the video camera.

Everyone broke up and I was left sat in a heap on the bench thoroughly satisfied but horny for more.

Everyone gathered in a crowd around me, even the couples and the guys started to wank themselves off in my direction, except for the two guys with their wives/girlfriend/mistresses there who were wanking off their guys in my direction.

I just sat there and waiting for what was to cum with my mouth open and my tits hanging out. By this time my top had fallen down around my middle, my knickers were around my ankles and my bra was also around my waist. I out a leg up on the bench and started to wank myself, playing with my clit and fingering my hole for everyone to see.

The first one to cum was the one I'd been sucking off, he dribbled his cum over my hair, face, into my mouth and over my tits. The next to cum was one of the guys being wanked off by one of the girls, he came hard in long streams all over me, his girlfriend sat beside me and together we licked the cum from his cock.

Next was the little dicked guy who had fucked me in the ass, he came all over my tits in hot streams splashing all over the place.

The last two guys came together after I took both cocks in my hand and wanked them both for all they were worth. Hot sticky cum splashed over my face and tits covering me in thick creamy globs of spunk.

We all left the car park totally satisfied, I had col's cum dripping out of my pussy from earlier, KY dripping out my ass and I was covered from head to foot in the stuff. It was all over. col insisted I didn't get cleaned up until we got home. The drive back was nerve racking for me because if we'd have got stopped at 3 am with me covered in spunk, no doubt questions would be asked.

As I washed I reflected on what had happened and gave my clit a quick stroke as I thought of what I'd done that night. Then my heart skipped a beat as I remembered, col had taped the whole thing.

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